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    Hello, You were born in Gemini Lagna and Magha Nakshatra (Moon’s Constellation) at the time of birth.


    Your Upapada Lagna has Sun in Pisces, Nakshatra Lord of Sun being Saturn. Sun is dominant, political and bright. Pisces shows a partner of shorter stature with a full breast and body. As Pisces is a Watery Sign she will be very sensitive in nature and full of feeling and emotion when she deals with people. However, having Sun as an indicator in the UL, she will be Royal in Nature but with a need to shed her Ego. The Chara Karaka for Wife in your Chart is Mars who is Retrograde and with 2 Malefics in Leo in the 3rd House. Mars in Fiery Leo will make her aggressive in Nature. This is further established by the fact that Mars aspects the Upapada Lagna from the 3rd House and is placed in its own sign Aries in the Navamsa. Venus, the Significator of Marriage and Spouse is in Aries in the 11th and Lords the 5th House. Being a benefic in the 2nd from UL(Sustenance) It provides beneficence to the Marriage. The lord of the 7th in Rasi is in a Guru/Chandala Yoga. This shows that you may face upheavals in the relationship with her as well as the aspect of sexual intercourse. 3rd House shows Parakrama (Courage) and Copulation (Intercourse) Jupiter here is highly afflicted by Rahu and is in Marana Avastha. You will need remedies, I will point out later. Furthermore Rahu aspects the 7th House too. You will have to be very careful. In Navamsa or D9, the 7th sign is Gemini (Dual Sign) whos Lord is Mercury and Debilitated in Pisces. Since there is a Parivartana Yoga (Exchange) between 4th and 7th, it will mitigate its effect on the Marriage. I see the marriage lasting based on two very important factors even though you are ‘Manglik’ from Chandra Lagna. The second house from the Upapada is critical in the evaluation of Marriage. Even though its Lord is Mars with a Malefic Rahu, it receives aspect of benefic Jupiter with Venus the Karaka for Marriage placed in it. This will make the marriage last. She will definitely be out of the ordinary signfied by the ‘Gaja Kesari’ and Hamsa Yoga of Jupiter Moon in a Kendra in the 7th House in Navamsa.


    Jupiter just moved into Pisces on December 6, 2010. Pisces is your Upapada Lagna. Venus is in Libra in Transit which is your 5th House aspecting Natal Venus! Its a time for LOVE!! From here on till May is a time for a relationship which could propagate into a Marriage. If it doesn’t happen now within 6 Months. It will happen after July 2012 during Moon/Jupiter Dasa/Bhukti which lasts till November 14, 2013. Jupiter in Pisces is also over your 7th Lord in D9, Mercury. It will most probably be a love marriage, a person whom you have had interaction and a relationship with. Venus in 11th the Karaka for Marriage Aspecting Libra its own sign in the 5th House is a Major Indication. Venus is also the 5th Lord in the 11th. This also shows you have always been prone to Romantic Encounters :)


    When you get married, I highly recommend you to fast on the day lorded by the Upapada’s sign which is ‘Thursday’. This will negate the evil if any related to Marriage. You should definitely appease the Planet Jupiter who is the Lord of your House of Marriage and the Upapada Lagna and badly afflicted in the 3rd in Marana Avastha. Chant Aum Gurave Namaha. A simple and effective Mantra. Start this Thursday and chant everyday for 108 times minimum. I would also advise you to wear a Mala (Necklace)of Rudraksha of 108 beads of very high quality. Jupiter Loves Rudraksha!! This is very important because 7th House is the Badhak Sthana (Obstacle House) for your Lagna and Jupiter is also the Badhakesh and Markesh. Another great remedy for Jupiter is to fast on Thursday, I have already recommended that to you and cannot stress it enough and to indulge yourself in Dharmic Activities. Jupiter gets pleased if the native becomes Dharmic or Religious.

    I hope this answers your questions. Wishing you a Blessed and Happy married life :)

    Aum Namah Shivaya
    Sunit Mehta
    Vedic Astrologer

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    • Lalita on July 20, 2011

      Namaskar Sunitji

      My Al / UL are in the 3rd house in my rasi chart and house Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in Saggitarius. Mercury is PK (retrograde), Sun is AK and Jupiter is DK. 2L from UL Saturn is exalted in lagna and aspects Al/UL. 2nd from AL/UL also receives aspect from Mars.

      What are the significations you see in my marriage?
      Where am I likely to meet my spouse?
      Will fasting on thursday be beneficial? Consensus lacks on the felicity of fasting on AL lord’s day … kindly relieve the confusion.

      Jai Shri Krishna

    • nimda on July 20, 2011

      Hello Lalita,
      I would have to look at the entire horoscope in detail along with studying the Navamsa, Venus, Moon Sign etc. It is not solely the Upapada Lagna or the 2nd from it to analyze and predict the outcome of Marriage. There may be a counter acting influence of a Benefic on the 2nd from UL which would mitigate the Evils of planets in the 2nd or aspecting it by way of malefic planets. It will take time and I am a professional :-)

      Hare Rama Krsna
      Sunit P Mehta
      Vedic Astrologer

    • Lalita on August 6, 2011

      Hello Sunitji,

      Sorry about taking your time, I realize that and extend my apologies. Well, for me it’s just womanly curiosity and fascination for this phenomenal mystical science. And come to think of it 2nd house from UL / AL is empty but lorded by an exalted Saturn. I think all should be fine and let me just trust Krishna for everything.

      Hare Rama Krsna :)

    • Lalita on August 6, 2011

      But if you could just dispel the confusion about whether one should fast on the day of UL Lord’s day if UL and AL are conjunct?

    • nimda on August 6, 2011

      Dear Lalita,
      If the AL and UL is conjunct, it is a good sign. If the Arudha Lagna and UL are in 2/12 or 6/8 axis, it could signify an indication of issues with the partner. Fast on the day lorded by the sign where they are conjunct.

      Hare Rama Krsna
      Sunit P Mehta
      Vedic Astrologer

    • Lalita on August 7, 2011

      I do! Thanks a tonne, just needed reassurance that it’s good, some people talk about fasting on AL day being bad for image so anyway AL and UL are conjunct in Sagittarius so I fast on Thursdays :) … HAre Krishna!! Hari Haribol!!!

    • Lalita on August 18, 2011

      Dear Sunitji,

      I’m not trying to get a free consultation but could you reassure me about just what you have stated above that fasting on Thursdays would be beneficial by taking a look at my lagna chart as follows: Libra Lagna, Shani and Mangal in 1st house, venus and ketu in 2nd, Guru Sun and Mercury in 3rd, moon in 6th, rahu in 8th. Just needed a confirmation.
      I should continue fasting right?
      Thanks in Advance

    • aang on August 29, 2012

      Hi Sunitji,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Can you please predict my future by jaimini astrology. Currently I am facing problem in my personal life. There is something which is restricting me from inside from get close to someone from getting a partner. I had exalted Rahu in and AL and Ketu in UL along with mercury (AL lord) and UL lord Jupiter 12 from UL. Please predict my overall future and married life. How will be my life partner. What will be the effect of Rahu and Ketu on me. Please suggest any remedy also.

      Birth Details:
      3rd Feb 1983
      Dhule Maharashtra

      Thanks in advance.


    • nilam on October 30, 2012

      hello sir,
      i want to ask you about my future. when i will get married & it is a love or arranged marriage .?

      my birthdate is 18th september 1986
      my birth time is 12:14 afternoon.
      & birthplace is mumbai.
      thank you.

    • udit on November 12, 2012

      Hello sir,
      will it be a arranged or love marriage???…..what age will d marriage happen.???….complexion of the female???…will she be older or younger than me???….nature and built of the female….?????.any future cheating tendencies from her……will she remain loyal. to her husband. after marriage….????
      DOB – 17.01.1989
      TOB – 10.10 am
      POB – Tinsukia

    • sheetal on December 28, 2012


      please tell me when will i get married…i am really tensed nothing is happening…

      DOB: 1 feb 1982

      thanks and regards

    • Sugra on January 1, 2013

      please predict my about my career and my life partner(whether it will be love or arranged marriage?
      how she will be?
      thank u

      Name : Sugran
      Sex : Male
      Date of Birth : 14 / Jan / 1984
      Time of Birth : 04 : 00 AM
      Birth County : India
      Birth City : Thanjavur
      Latitude : 10 N 47
      Longitude : 79 E 10

      venus and kethu in scorpio lagna,
      sun .mer, Jupiter in Sagitarius (also UPADA Lagna),
      moon in taurus ,Rahu in taurus
      saturn and mars in Libra(12th house)

      • admin on January 15, 2013

        It will be a tough marriage, that is all I will say. The 7th house, Moon and Venus are both afflicted by the Nodes in the 1/7 axis of self and partnerships. No free readings without Dakshina.

    • sheetal on January 15, 2013


      can u please tell me when will i meet my husband and get married…nothing is happening from last 7 yrs…i am really worried

      DOB: 1 feb 1982
      place:sharjah, uae

      i have libra ascendant with jupiter and pluto in it…..

      will i ever get married….i am really tensed…please do reply


    • jyoti on February 9, 2013

      respected sir,
      my date of birth is 29-08-1977 time :11:43 pm., Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005, india.there is a guy nearby my house. i love him too much. i have never talked to him, never seen his face closely. he is younger than me. four days back my mother told that his marriage has been fixed somewhere else. after that i am feeling like to die. cannot concenterate on anything. do not want to talk with anybody. not eating properly. having tears all the time whether in or out of the house hiding them from everyone. since then feeling pain in my heart. feels like someone is crushing my heart and its getting smaller. i cannot reveal it to anybody. as you know in country like india such feeling are considered a thing of embarrassment. please sir help me out of this. please sir tell me will i be able to marry this guy. please sir.

    • Lilz on March 1, 2013


      Dob 2 march 1993
      Time 13.21 or 1.21pm
      Place Lower Hutt , New Zealand.

      I have made rahu in seventh house Scorpio..Lord of seventh in second house in gemini of my rasi chart..

      In my d9, I have moon in cancer in 7th house..it also has ketu there but ketu is in Leo..my venus is in the second house with mars and sun as well..I have Saturn in 9th house of Virgo. My 9th house lord is in 6th house with conjuct mercury <–d9 chart

      Please help me understand .

    • Lilz on March 1, 2013

      Sorry ,my ninth house lord is conjunct Jupiter in sixth house..

    • ramya on March 17, 2013

      my dob is 30-05-1991
      time is 08:26 pm
      place is trichirapalli
      state is tamil nadu

      i want to know when will i get married?
      will my marriage last long???
      will i be blessed with children??
      how will be my partner’s character??
      pls reply me…

    • vibha on March 21, 2013


      my D.OB. is 4th august 1983
      time is 12:10pm,delhi

      can u plz predict my marraige timing n tell me little bit about my spouse …will he be younger or elder ….type of marraige will it arranged or loved one


    • Prasenjit Bose on July 16, 2013

      Can you please let me know when i would get married and also basic nature and complexion of my wife ?
      My birth detail is given below:
      Date of birth = 16/09/1983
      Place of birth = Siliguri , West Bengal
      Tine = 4.40 P.m

    • akanksha singh on August 18, 2013

      sir i m ver depreses due to some prblms..
      can u predict fr me?

      — name- akanksha singh

      dob -25th dec 1989 (25-12-1989)
      plce- aligarh, up
      time: 6:34 am(morning tym)
      age : 23 yaers old..
      fathers name- rajveer singh
      mothers name:
      sunita singh

      caste – jhaath…

      will i have arraneged or love marroage??? if love , wil i “ll have an inter religion mariage?

    • KIRAN on December 15, 2013

      Hi ,
      Name: Kiran
      DOB: 23/01/1991
      Time: 11:45AM
      Place: Junnar

      Question: When will I get married? will it be love or arrange?

    • miss on July 7, 2014

      I want to know about my spouse
      DOB 23 oct 1983
      Time 22:05
      Lahore Pakistan

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