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    Hi, I am going through lot of problems in married life,living in usa and like a slave in my marriage. I have a child and have no career cause I am on dependent visa. Life has really become suffocating for me. Please analyse my chart for green card, career prospects and future of my marriage. I would be really obliged if a good astrologer can analyse my chart. My date of birth is 23-01-1979.Place of birth is new delhi and time of birth is 3.40pm. Thanks

    This is my Analysis of your Birthchart:

    1) Lord of Gemini Lagna is Mercury. Mercury is placed in the 7th House of Marriage. This position of Mercury is ‘Marana Karaka Avastha’ Mercury is at its worst condition. Being Lagnesh in the 7th house which is also your Paaka Lagna (Health) and Marriage house is causing issues in Marriage and Health. Bhava Chalita Chart shows Mars and Sun in the 7th too making you very Manglik and destroying the house of Marriage.

    2) Venus in 6th is conjunct a Debilitated Moon in Scorpio, that too in the 6th. Venus in the 6th is highly detrimental to Love and Marriage and its Karakatwa (Significator) Venus is also in ‘Marana Karaka Avastha’ in the 6th.

    3) There is a Parivartana Yoga between Saturn in 3rd and Sun in 8th being in each other’s signs. Since this exchange involves 3rd Parakrama (Effort) and 8th (Randhr) Bhava Lords it is an inauspicious Yoga. This causes lack of Courage to Sustain Efforts in pursuing on objective. 3rd is also the House of Copulation (Sexual Intercourse) and Longevity. The 8th House is Critical for Marriage as it is the 2nd (Fruits) of Marriage. Having two Malefics there in Sun and Mars causes issues in both Sexual Life and Marriage in General.

    4) Coming to your Career. You are under Ketu Mahadasa from Ket MD: 2006-11-30 – 2013-11-30. Ketu the South Node or the Serpent’s Tail is in the 12th (Losses and Expenditure) from Arudha Lagna. You will have faced issues from then on since it is also Placed in the 12th in Navamsa indicating possible Travel too. Your current planetary period is Ketu-Jupiter (Lahiri Chitrapaksha – Ayanamsa)which begun November 18th, 2010 and will last almost a year. Jupiter is 6th from Dasanath Ketu (Struggles, Fights) and is Retrogade Exalted which makes it Debilitated while being placed in the 2nd in a Maraka Sthan. This will definitely be a very testing period for you. Ketu and Jupiter are not friends. Jupiter is 7th as well as 10th Lord. This will cause problems with Career as well as Marriage as the depositor of Jupiter is Debilitated Moon in Scorpio in the 6th. You may end up in court for divorce. I don’t see you getting a Green Card, unfortunately.

    I could go on and on and spend few hours reading a chart but I will stop here. You have Vargottama Lagna – Gemini in both Rasi and Navamsa. Such people never give up and are born fighters to achieve their goal !!


    I do not see this Marriage Lasting and it shows and abrupt end. I would advise you to fast on the day of the Lord of the Upapada to improve Marriage – Saturday. For your Career, Shad Ripus (Bad Karma) and Health, I would highly advise you to chant the Vishnu Ashtakshari Mantra. AUM NAMO NARAYANAYA.Start tomorrow if you can, should be started on a Sunday. Remove any Gem if you are wearing one. Be positive and have faith in yourself and God. We cannot alter Karma but we can surely use our God given power of will and mind to overcome difficulties.

    Aum Gurave Namaha
    Sunit Mehta
    Vedic Astrologer

    Vimsottari Dasa:

    Ket MD: 2006-11-30 – 2013-11-30

    Antardasas in this MD:

    Ket: 2006-11-30 – 2007-04-25 Ven: 2007-04-25 – 2008-06-26 Sun: 2008-06-26 – 2008-11-03 Moon: 2008-11-03 – 2009-06-01 Mars: 2009-06-01 – 2009-10-31 Rah: 2009-10-31 – 2010-11-18 Jup: 2010-11-18 – 2011-10-26 Sat: 2011-10-26 – 2012-12-03 Merc: 2012-12-03 – 2013-11-30


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    • Rosy on July 23, 2011

      will u plz analys my horoscope and tell me when my life be free of troubles………… i divorced, no kids, when i will remarry? will my 2nd husband will b a good man and will my marriage will be happy marriage? when i ill get my uk permanent stay? as i ahve applied it and waiting for it in uk snce last 8th yrs. I did law from London. now when i ill will get good job in law field? is law field is good for me/ if yes then which area of law? when i ill have kids? how about my health and wealth isssues? my date of birth is 10.12.1971. place of birth:Lahore;Paistan. and time of birth is 11:30pm. conciously waiting for it.thx. Razia

    • nimda on July 24, 2011

      Dear Razia,
      Please order the reading and I will be glad to analyse your birth chart.

      Hare Rama Krsna
      Sunit P Mehta
      Vedic Astrologer

    • piyali bhattacharya on August 25, 2011

      i have problem in my marriage

    • Devayani on September 10, 2011

      i hv prblm in my marriage life. what is the future of my marriage? i want divorce. pls analyse.
      1st april 1984
      dist thane

    • nimda on September 10, 2011

      Thank you for contacting me. Please place an order from the website so I may read and analyze your chart and then let me know what areas of your life you want me to focus on. This way I can look at various karmic factors in detail that will shape your life and destiny using:

      Different Dasa Systems
      Chara Karakas
      Arudhas and Lagnas such as Upapada Lagna for Marriage Partner
      Divisional Charts
      Gochara or Transits in Detail
      Badhaka and Curses if any
      Detailed and Effective Remedial Measures

      Hare Rama Krsna
      Sunit P Mehta
      Vedic Astrologer

    • bici on September 14, 2011

      hi would you like to tell me something abaut my marige divorce? and my profesional status ,inheritance?29.09.1979. 23 :25min

    • Rajan B on October 25, 2012

      My married life is nothing but a brutal hell. I am mentally harrassed and see no way out as I have 2 year old kid. I thought of leaving my spouse however whenever I look at my innocent 2 year old I am unable to muster the courage.The day she entered in my life(I didn’t like her from day 1 however had no control over my stupid actions and family pressure.) it seems life has decided to take some sort of revenge.

      Is there a way out of this marriage amicably ?
      Career is stagnated too… Anyway career going upwards….

      My date of Birth

      DOB -> 07/12/1978(mm/dd/yyyy)
      Place – > India,Karnal, Haryana
      Time – > 22:10

    • Ramesh on October 28, 2012

      I have flattened out situation. Debts, career and family at doldrums. Born 11-05-67 Madras, 0815 AM. When will this end?

    • sri on October 29, 2012

      I am married to an alcoholic who shows no sign of improvements, marraige is a hell.
      Can things improve or should I mentally prepare for a divorce.
      My date of Birth

      DOB -> 04/14/1981(mm/dd/yyyy)
      Place – > India,Rourkela, Orissa
      Time – > 21:40

    • admin on October 29, 2012

      No requests for free readings please. It is against Jyotish to request a reading without offering Dakshina. This isn’t a game but a divine tool. It is a supreme science known only to a very few and should be honored and respected according to Vedic tradition and injunction.

      Thank you.

    • sangeeta on December 25, 2012

      I want to know about my career and earning source

    • MAHESH on January 12, 2013

      I want to know that when will i get divorse from my wife….plz help me

    • bushra on January 25, 2013

      hi i m divorced 4m 6 yrs and i m sick of living alone plzzz tell me wen will i gt married again and how will that be , my date of birth is 14 may 1989 and time of birth is8pm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out in finding right person ino one loves me

    • Trupti on February 27, 2013

      When will i get my divorce?

      230459 11.45 pm kenya nairobi.
      PLS HELP ME.his left family .J 190355 7.3AM BOMBAY.INDIA

    • dhira on March 13, 2013

      I am going though problem in my married life and my career is also going through bad phase. I have a kid also. Plz suggest me remedy if any.

    • dhira on March 13, 2013

      I am going through problem in my married life. My career is also going through bad phase. My DOB 09-01-1978, place of birth is Rajasthan. plz suggest me some remedy.

    • Amandeep Singh on March 25, 2013

      I am male . DOB 27-10-1981 Time 00.20 AM, Married life not good I want to know that when will i get divorce from my wife plz help me .

    • krishnamurthy on July 26, 2013

      my Married life is not good I want to know that when will i get divorce from my wife pl help me .
      my details
      DOB- 05-11-1981
      TIME 07.30 PM (19.30 HRS)

      DOB :- 07-01-1991
      TIME :- 08.40 PM (20.40 HRS)

    • Sundhrie Appadu on August 16, 2013

      I am a female. DOB 26.10.1977. Married life amicable. Still in love with my first love. I am married by not love marriage. My spouse’s DOB 12.10.1974. My true loves DOB 09.09.1976. Will my spouse and i ever divorce? will i be reunited with my true love?

    • Kalpana on August 30, 2013

      From 2007 onwards nothing has gone right in my life. I lost my job and could never get a stable job after that. Even my marriage got settled and then cancelled twice. Nothing seems to be working positive in my life. Could you please go though my horoscope and let me know..what is wrong in it and suitable remedies for getting a good job and getting married soon. My Dob is 11-8-1979, time-5:37pm.
      Some astrologers say mine is meena rashi uttarabhdra pada-4 and but online is shows as meena rashi uttarabhdra pada-3. Am confused, as to which one should I follow.

    • nile on November 24, 2013

      I am separated from my wife and her mother is talking of divorce and send notice from lawyer.Wll I get divorced
      My birth details
      4th april 1980
      Time 23:29
      Place India Maharashtra city Thane.

    • shilpi on December 15, 2013

      Hi this is shilpi, my dob is 13 nov 1983 time is 5.25am nd place of birth is meerut india. I am getting problems in my married life and conditions is reaching towards divorce. I want to ask what will be my future?

    • jaya on February 18, 2014

      I am a female, born 14th March 1972 at calcutta (kolkata) at 11:53 p.m. Please let me know if there is divorce in my kundali

    • unknown on June 6, 2014

      When divorse take place in my life.im female.my d.o.b is 8 august 1986.plz tell when my divorse will be finally done.please reply soon.

    • jen on June 7, 2014

      My Birthdate Is 26 September 1977..2.30Am .Will I Get Divorce?

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