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    A Curse refers to prayer or invocation for harm or injury upon one. They do not appear by themselves but are always provoked by human being, Rishi or Deva with high atma-bala. This is always involving emotions (anger-Mars; sorrow-Shani; shock-Rahu) therefore graha drsti is analysed among types of dristis. Curse is burden on the Atma be it jivatma or Paramatma (like Sri Rama). The sin indicated by Shani is the source of curse. Whichever Lagna is rising papa is always indicated by the bhavas lorded by Shani. When they are additional doshas like Sankranti or Tithi dosha (like amavasya when Tara was raped by Chandra where Kali Mata lays curse on this tithi and woman born here suffer rape and loss of purity) then the remedy for curse will also cure those aspects afflicted by panchanga-dosha.


    Curse is defined by planet or sign being influenced by at least two malefics by yuti or graha dristi.Sanjayji advises to add ashtangata and papakartari. It is very important part of chart reading and is analysed after looking at panchanga and yogas like Kalamrta, Kalasarpa or Grahamalika Yoga. We always try to remedy the yoga which gives the worst experience. More malefics aspecting planet makes worst emotion associated. If the curse is present in third, sixth, ninth or eleventh from Arudhapada the native by own action can increase the effect of curse and the advise is to stay away from himsa/vedha and any other form of doing harm to others. For example if curse is in eleventh house then native is lurred by good opportunity and after feeding that direction with energy the curse starts.  Jupiter afflicted cause the curse of sage, Brahmin, priests or scholar, Mercury indicates one’s friends, relatives or uncle; Shukra-saapa (Venus) shows the spouse as the author and Chandra/Surya shows parents or motherly/fatherly figures. Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra also provides information about the curse of serpents (Rahu).


    First we should pay attention to curses in dusthana because it shows bad intention in past life and association with tamas guna (Shani being karaka bhava for dusthana) and when benefic is strong then it shows full awarness (awakening state/Jagraadi in avastha scheme). The strength of curse depends also on state of malefics; if the aspecting malefic is vakri remedies will not work and native must experience whole periods (moola dasa) in challenges similar to those provoked by the native in the past life(s).  Shadbala also indicates the intensity of curse and if papa-kartari is present on the bhava of the curse then its very serious one. On the other side Jupiter aspects the dosha/curse then the remedy will be available and potent.     Involvment of Atmakaraka and eigth house ins neccessary as that confirms nija dosha (karmik baggage) from the past life (8th house). The final confirmation comes from Shastyamsa. Ishta Devata yuti the curse will force one to remember the God as the lesson of the course. If still in doubt which one of the curse will be most affecting we should open Shastyaamsa and judge most afflicted planets using all standart rules. There will be only one active curse in the chart, so the proper analysis of the horoscope is important to arrive at the proper remedy. Arudhas in the signs of the Moola Dasa graha will show the source of suffering during the period. Shatrupada (a6) involved threatens with legal cases. The last period (1/3) of the malefic graha will be the worst and opposite for the benefic. Order is as follows: First we should pay attention to dusthana curses, then for most afflicted one’s and then for the most benefic being cursed. Fifth lord is always the most benefic planet in the chart. Sometimes the curse can come from current life and that will be visible in the pra?na as advised by Hari Hara in Pra?na Marga. If the ninth lord is involved the curse comes from past life. Personal suffering is there if Lagnesha (lord of Lagna) or Atmakaraka is involved. Eight lord yuti shows ailments as the results, whilst tenth house shows financial issues (Kubera house) and humiliation (sthana of Amala yoga).


    Areas afflicted will be shown by most afflicting malefics. Here we should pay attention to natural maleficiency and also the yoga. If malefic is lording two signs then the one with planet will be the source of greater challenge/suffering. We use also naisargika chakra (natural zodiac) to provide informations about effect of curse and based on that we know that Shukra curse gives problems with finances and relationships, whilst Guru-?aapa is bad for father, studies and spending money (meena – twelfth house). Cursed Sun is also known as Pitri dosha and affects progeny. Jupiter curse makes one wander as the dhi is failing (similar to weak Lagnadhipati in seventh house – Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra). Budha curse blocks one progres and learning. Lagnesh being cursed makes one prone to commit mistakes. Arudhas yuti Ketu will show area suffering from those mistakes. The Bhava lorded by curse suffers a lot due to effect of the curse. If its Lagna then for no appareant reason one is attacked and can suffer from bad reputation, second house can destroy family and makes food polluted etc. Curses present in Chara Rasis (movable signs) are more active abroad, opposite for fixed signs. The cursed planet should be analysed in Varga charts to give auspicious advise for different areas of life. Curses which involves Upapada and 2nd lord from it will affect private life and relationships. Position of Shukra from afflicting grahas will show the type of challenges that are waiting to be experienced.


    Timing of curse can be done by using Moola, Narayana or Vimshottari Dasa. For moola dasa we look at exact planets involved in curse (cursers and cursed). Sri Rama was banished fom kingdom for period of the Moola dasa of Shani (14 years). Sri Rama established Rame?vara Shiva Linga and offered prayers to Lord Shiva who is pratyadi Devata of Sun and the forgiveness has come. Based on that name ‘Rama’ is enough to remove all curses and sins (ref. Sanjay Rath writings). For Narayana dasa we examine first, eight and tenth from the Dasa Rasi. For Vimshottari Dasa we look at dispositor of curse.


    The remedy lies in lord of the sign where the curse is posited or the bhava karaka for this rasi. First we should pay attention to the lord and if it’s well-placed then the remedy lies in Guru-roopa of that lord. The list is as follows:

    Sun – Dakshinamoorti

    Moon – Mahavidya

    Mars – Hanuman

    Budha – Vyasa/Dattatreya

    Jupiter – Brhasapti

    Venus – Bhrgu Shani – Various Gurus (parampara mantra)

    Rahu – Patanjali

    Ketu – Vedamurti

    If the lord of the sign/bhava is giving the remedy then somebody will give  information or directly help the native. Karaka means solving the issue even without the knowledge of the native.  By knowing the yoga of these planet we know how the curse can end/what we must do to avoid the disaster. Dasa Rasi aspected by remedy-planet (bhava karaka or dispositor) or Moola dasa of the same will indicate the improvement and chance to solve the problem with remedies. If both lord and karaka bhava of the cursing house are badly placed then curse is very hard to remedy. Similary if the cursed planet is in fixed sign in Rasi (own decisions) or Navamsa (blessings/mantra).

    If both dispositor of the curse and bhava karaka of the curse are badly placed (per the rules explained above) the Devata of Bhava should be propiated.

    Lagna – Gayatri

    Fourth house – Parvati/Mahavidya

    Seventh house – Lakshmi

    Tenth house – Saraswati

    Rest of the houses depends on the tattva/element of the Karaka.

    Jupiter is the karaka for the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh – Vishnu (lord of  Akasha/Air Tattva is recommended).

    Third house is ruled by Agni/Fire tattva and Prajapati mantra will form the remedy.

    For the sixth, eight and the twelfth, the karaka is Shani (Vayu/Air tattva) and Shiva mantra is the upaya.

    Alternatively for bhava devata we also use Mahavidya of the cursed graha as the remedy, same for affliction given by three malefics.

    Other Rules

    Additionaly if Sun is afflicted remedy comes from Jupiter and vice versa (Rahu grast divaakaro sadrisham). For Shukra saapa worship of Sri Ganesha is advised. Vishnu removes all curses related to Budha.  Sanjay Rath: “All curses, no matter however strong and powerful are removed by worshipping Sri Jagannatha in His Bala Gopala Vesha. He will pull down the curse like uprooting the Arjuna trees and frees the Atma’s like those of the trapped/cursed Yaksha in the Arjuna tree. The Mantra for worshipping Him in this Vesha is “KLEEM KRISHNA KLEEM“. This has to be repeated ONE LAKH times by any member of the family wishing to get rid of any curse”.

    Hare Rama Krshna

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