Vedic AstrologyEveryone should be able to anticipate the approach of danger so that they might fortify themselves against it, or if the event were positive they would want to promote that time. Using Vedic Astrology in a competent and thoughtful way can help a person pick positive actions and develop the ability to anticipate positive outcomes for a healthy and progressive life. The personal analysis you receive in a reading will aid you in identifying and achieving goals more quickly and concisely. An astrological consultation is similar to reading a map. It helps you to arrive at your destination more quickly with a minimum of detours and dead ends. Vedic Astrology helps you grow in self understanding and self sufficiency. It allows you to add more capabilities to your life in manageable, evolutionary steps. Getting your birth chart read and interpreted by a genuine Vedic Astrologer is perhaps the greatest blessing you can receive. Understanding your Karma due in this lifetime is both intriguing and enlightening. Only a select few have the ability to decipher the meaning and karmic message in your horoscope. Once you understand your Samskaras from past lifetimes and the cause and reason behind the unfolding of life events  in the form of Dasas, you will be a more evolved human in tune with the plan of the divine architect of your destiny.