AUTHENTIC VEDIC REMEDIES – These remedies are done by a specially chosen Pandit who has attained Siddhi and Puruscharana of planetary Mantras and Kavach Stotras. Required several thousand Mantra Japa for the afflicted planet is included in each Graha Shanti Fire Ritual and Videos will be sent to your email for authenticity. This service is unique, divine and there is 100% authenticity guaranteed.

Sun Graha Shanti $151.00
Moon Graha Shanti $151.00
Mars Graha Shanti $161.00
Mercury Graha Shanti $181.00
Jupiter Graha Shanti $201.00
Venus Graha Shanti $201.00
Saturn Graha Shanti $221.00
Rahu Graha Shanti $201.00
Ketu Graha Shanti $171.00
Nine Planets Graha Shanti $301.00
Special Maha Mrityunjaya Fire Homa $501.00


ENERGIZED PLANETARY KAVACH IN SILVER TALISMAN – This is a very important Talisman prepared in a specific transit Muhurtha to control and reduce the afflictions of the planet. Required Stotras are chanted the required thousand times and the Yantra is prepared on a Bhoja Patra which is then enclosed in a Silver Talisman for lifelong protection. This is to be worn at all times.

Sun Graha Kavach $151.00
Moon Graha Kavach $151.00
Mars Graha Kavach $151.00
Mercury Graha Kavach $171.00
Jupiter Graha Kavach $201.00
Venus Graha Kavach $151.00
Saturn Graha Kavach $201.00
Rahu Graha Kavach $221.00
Ketu Graha Kavach $221.00
Nine Planets Graha Kavach $351.00