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Sunit P Mehta – Vedic Astrologer

Vedic Astrologer with over a decade of experience in Chart Analysis using Parashara and Jaimini Jyotish techniques, specializing in current period analysis using various Dasa Systems. Sunit has deep, precise analytical and predictive skills and provides very accurate predictions. He has been trained in the accurate use of Ashtakvarga, Divisional Charts, Jaimini Karakas and Transits very effectively to gauge and determine the past, current and future life periods and impending circumstances. His knowledge is based on a few centuries old Tradition of Jyotish. He was trained at a young age and tutored under the lineage of World Renowned Jyotish Guru’s of the Sri Jagannath Parampara.


To get a reading from a good Vedic Astrologer is a blessing of God through karma. This isn’t just a visit to the Doctor or a psychic. This is the real deal. This is divinity itself. Jyotisha is the Light of God and the Eye of the Vedas. A supreme science known only to a very few.  Good Vedic Astrologer’s are few and rare to find in this world of quacks, frauds and Astrology portals which spew out reports by the hundreds daily without actually analysing a horoscope the way the Maharishis intended the Vedic Astrologer to. Astrologers can be found on a myriad of new websites emerging every day swarming the internet with their ignorance, incompetence and fraudulent ways to dupe, cheat and above all, misguide a person who needs genuine guidance and help with circumstances that have come in his life in the way of Planetary Karma casting an influence on his destiny.


 To be a genuine and good Vedic Astrologer requires one to lead a sattvic spiritual life style. He needs to abstain from tamsic food and alcohol while spending a couple of hours a day either in meditation or chanting mantra. This regular Sadhana is imperative to provide a clear conscience and clarity of mind through which divine intuition emanates.


Knowledge backed with Intuition is the key to making successful predictions and providing correct and effective remedies. A Vedic Astrologer is a karmic guide, a person blessed to glance into and interpret the future and foresee life events. People who come at the door of a Vedic Astrologer are individuals with genuine need for help. This is not a game where any person who claims to be a Vedic Astrologer can risk the lives of people by virtue of clients due to their own ignorance, lack of wisdom, intelligence and skill to interpret a birth chart the way it was meant to be deciphered according to the great scriptures such as the ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, Jaimini Upadesa Sutras, Jataka Parijata, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Uttara Kalamrita, Prasna Marga’. Fortunately Sunit has the blessings of Jyotish wisdom through certain planetary combinations in his own birth chart backed by years of learning, practising, researching and spiritual discipline. A Vedic Astrologer is a person empowered by God to help people understand, comprehend and change their lives for the better.


His main goal was to provide the wisdom and help backed by the knowledge of the Maharishis when he started this website. It is solely to provide authentic help and true guidance as prescribed and required by our holy Shastras. Vedic Astrologers are in fact advisers, healers and Psychiatrists! It takes great subtlety and intuition to delve deeply into ones birth chart objectively and see clearly what is hidden from plain view. Only few have that innate capability to tell you like it is; to re-align you with what is most important, your Spiritual purpose in life.


Sunit is also a Systems Engineer with over 6 years of experience in Systems and Databases working in the Corporate IT world in the United States. Nowadays, he consults in the world of Information Technology at his own discretion when he has the time to. He was introduced to Jyotish at the Young Age of 20 while he was in India in his hometown of Chandigarh in his college days. He is deeply Spiritual and has studied Metaphysics, Ayurveda, Alternative Healing and Nutrition along with Mantra Shastra and Kundalini Yoga.  He is the Creator & Administrator of a Large Group in Facebook on Vedic Astrology where he provides expert learning, counselling and paid readings.


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