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Vedic Astrologer with over a decade of experience in Chart Analysis using Parashara and Jaimini Jyotish techniques, specializing in current period analysis using various Dasa Systems. Sunit has deep, precise analytical and predictive skills and provides very accurate predictions. He has been trained in the accurate use of Ashtakvarga, Divisional Charts, Jaimini Karakas and Transits very effectively to gauge and determine the past, current and future life periods and impending circumstances. His knowledge is based on a few centuries old tradition of Jyotish. He was trained at a young age and tutored under the lineage of a World Renowned Jyotish Guru. Sunit has clients from all parts of the world in countries such as Australia, United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, England, France, Singapore, Spain etc. The following has been taken from an article by world famous Vedic astrologer, Sanjay Rath and Software Author, PVR Narasimha Rao. Their views on the combinations for excellence in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology has been highlighted in the planetary combinations of Sunit P Mehta’s birth chart.



Jyotisha is given by planets who have the ability to see the future (Panapara houses 2,5,8,11). Of these, the fifth  is the controlling house for the future. Jupiter and Rahu have special aspect on the fifth house, and are the best  astrologers. They are followed by Mars who can aspect  the 8th house. In a chart, planets associated with the Panapara Houses make a good astrologer. For example, the Atmakaraka associated with the 11th house is a sure shot combination for excellence in Jyotish.

Sunit P Mehta – Jupiter in the 5th. Jupiter lords the Panapara houses 2nd and 11th and Rahu is in the 8th (Occult) Jupiter and Rahu are in Dual Signs and have Rasi Dristi on ALL the other Dual signs which are the Panapara Houses 2,5,8,11.

The first thing to do is to check your own chart for comparative influence of Rahu & Jupiter on the Panapara, chiefly the 5th house and see the planets in these houses. If a large number of planets influence, then they will aid in getting the knowledge of Jyotisha.

Sunit P Mehta – Jupiter is IN the 5th, aspected by Mercury, Venus and Sun from the 11th (Large Number of Planets influencing the 5th)

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, discretion, judgment and traditional knowledge. Mercury is the planet of speech, solid knowledge, logic and reasoning. These two are the SIGNIFICATORS of astrology. The 2nd and 5th houses are important (also 8th). The 2nd is the house of speech and overall knowledge and awareness. The 5th is the house of intelligence, intuition and perception. The 8th is the house of occult and also research.

Sunit P Mehta – Jupiter (Primary Significator) is in the 5th and in a Parivartana and Kala Nidhi Yoga with Mercury (Secondary Signficator) in the Panapara House axis of 5th and 11th. There is also Mutual Planetary Aspect, Mutual Sign Aspect and they are in Mutual Kendras. 2nd lord (speech, awareness and overall knowledge) is Jupiter in the 5th (house of intelligence, intuition and perception). 8th house has Rahu (Occult and Research) whose dispositor is Mercury in the 11th (Panapara aspecting Jupiter in the 5th house) Rahu has Rasi Dristi (PERMANENT INFLUENCE) on all the Panapara houses just as Jupiter and Mercury do. Rahu in Virgo in the 8th. 2,5,8,11 are all connected with Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu the three chief planets responsible for Wisdom, Intelligence, Intution and Research.

A lot depends on other horoscopic factors though. How is your Mercury? He is the secondary significator of astrology. Also, does Mercury or Gemini have a link with your chara atmakaraka?  Chaturvimsamsa/Siddhamsa, denoted as D-24, is important for knowledge related activities. Dasamsa, denoted as D-10, is important for professional activities. See Jupiter’s strength in them also.


Sunit P Mehta – Mercury owns the 5th (gemini) and is linked to the Chara Atmakaraka which IS in the 11th house conjunct Mercury. D10- Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 4th aspecting the 10th house while it rules the 9th. D-24 Jupiter is in its own sign in Sagittarius in the 11th and aspects exalted Sun in Aries in the 3rd along with Mercury’s aspect which is the 5th lord in the 9th. The third house in the Siddhamsa shows Memory.

The Atmakaraka associated with the 11th house is a sure shot combination for excellence in Jyotish


Sunit P Mehta – Atmakaraka Sun is in the 11th House.


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