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You are currently under the Transit of Saturn over your Arudha Lagna on your 4th House from Lagna. This transit begun from Sep 9, 2009. When Saturn transits over Arudha Lagna which is the manifestation of your lagna or your image in this world, it is inauspicious. It casts its delay, restrictions and shadow to the ‘image’ of the native which affects material life in a definite way. Saturn in Virgo in the 4th house has affected the significance of the 4th house of home, domestic happiness, vehicles, education and the mind. Saturn’s transit over the 4th is especially adverse as the Karaka of the Natural 4th house is Cancer which is ruled by Moon. Saturn is inimical to the Moon in Jyotish. Moon signifies the Mind. Saturn’s Transit in the 4th also aspects the 10th house (Career) with its 7th aspect and the Lagna with its 10th aspect. Saturn’s influence on 3 Kendras out of which the 10th and the Lagna are especially very important in terms of growth and advancement in Career and manifestation of your desires. In your case, both the Lagna and the Arudha Lagna have Saturn’s negative and depressive influence.  Currently, Saturn is at the exact degree of your Lagnesh (Lagna Lord) Mercury which is also the lord of Arudha Lagna and the 4th House. This is a clear indication of Saturn exerting its influence of delay, digression and malefic energy towards your life. You are currently running the Mahadasa of Venus and the Antardasa of Saturn which started on September 1st. Saturn is in exaltation BUT placed in the 5th House. Malefics are not welcome in the Trikona Houses (1,5,9) as these houses are very personal and are ruled by Goddess Laxmi, the Deity of Abundance and Prosperity. The 5th House deals with Intelligence, Divine Merit from Past Lives (Purva Punya), Speculation, Investments, Knowledge of the Vedas, Sastra, Mantra, Astrology etc. It is a VERY important House. It has to be analyzed very carefully to answer your question about investments. The 5th house also rules romance and new jobs. Gold and Silver look ‘OK’ for you but investment in general is not a recommended channel for sustainability and income. Jupiter – Gold, Moon – Silver. These planets are well posited.

 BHAVA – Saturn is placed in its exaltation in Vishakha Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter. This placement of Saturn is inauspicious. Saturn in the Lagna, 5th or the 9th is very detrimental to the significance of those houses. Saturn being in the 5th will affect luck (9th from the 9th) having children, issues with Romance and Income from Investments as it aspects the 11th house (Incomes and Gains) and the 2nd House (Assets and Wealth) bringing its negative influence by aspect on the 7th house of partnerships and marriage too. Saturn rules the 8th house from the Lagna and the 8th house from the Chandra Lagna (Moon as Lagna) This obviously is a negative placement for the signficance of the 5th house. However, it is placed in Vishakha ruled by Jupiter which is exalted in the 2nd house from Lagna and the 11th House from the Arudha Lagna. This will influence the effect of Saturn and mitigate some of its negativity and result in ‘some’ gains from 5th house matters. Sarvashtakvarga – Samudaya SAV 5th house has a meagre 19 points while Saturn is extremely powerless with 1 Bhinna BAV points. This means that the house and the planet itself is weak to grant gains from investments and speculation related activities.

 BHAVESHA – Lord of Libra in the 5th House is severely combust Sun within a 3 degree orb of combustion in the 3rd house of ‘Parakrama’ –  Valor, Courage, Effort, Deliberate actions, motivation, interests, hobbies, one’s own efforts (initiative) and how well they are supported. Venus is uncomfortable in Leo, the sign of his enemy, Sun. Venus is in Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra ruled by the Sun, adverse, though Sun itself is very powerfully placed in Leo. Venus is also involved in a curse called Kalatra Shaap. (Marriage) It rules the 5th and the 12th Houses and being placed in the 3rd will cause an affliction in your love life and marriage. This is also a matter of concern for the significance of the 5th house related to speculation and investments. Venus is your Atmakaraka (Soul Significator) It will cause issues in its Dasa/Bhukti to cleanse your soul of karmic sin.

 KARAKA – Karaka of the 5th House is Jupiter. It is placed in exaltation in the sign of Cancer in a Gaja-Kesari Yoga with the Moon. (Jupiter and Moon in mutual Trines) Jupiter is relatively powerful in planetary strength evaluation too in Vimopaka Bala and ShadBala. A negative condition here is of Jupiter being the Badhakesh (Obstacle causing planet) The Badhakesh for Dual Sign Lagna becomes the 7th house from it. If no planet is present, its lord becomes the Badhakesh planet. Badhakesh Jupiter being placed in the house of wealth and assets and ruling Sagittarius (7th House of Marriage) and Pisces (10th house of Career) This will affect and cause hidden obstacles and hinderances when it comes to establishing and retaining earned income and wealth from any partnership or career related activity. It is also under a Brahmin’s Curse. Remedy is given below.

I cannot really tell you what IS the best way for you to earn money. That is a personal choice and a decision that YOU will have to make. Jupiter is your Chara AmatyaKaraka and signifies careers related to finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, psychologist, humanitarian careers and Virgo has a strong influence in your Navamsa and Dasamsa Varga or Harmonic Charts, Virgo indicates computing, astrology, accounting, media, doctors, healing.


Looks bleak as Saturn is going to be transiting the 4th from Moon Sign (Rasi) from November 15, 2011 onwards for 2.5 years. This transit is not favorable. It is known as Ardha-Ashtama Sani or Half of 8th Saturn. It causes emotional unease and mental unrest. Since it will be in the 4th from your Moon Sign, it will affect all 4th house related significations such as home, domestic happiness, vehicles, education and the mind. This Transit of Saturn will also aspect the 11th house of Income and 2nd house of assets and wealth and will cause delay and lessons in those areas of life. Saturn’s placement in the 5th from Lagna and aspects of 3,7 and 10th from it is called ‘drishti’ or glance of Saturn. It brings it slowness, delay and hindrances to the house it is placed in Transit and the houses it aspects in too. Your housing scene may see changes, albeit without an improvement. You are also under Venus/Saturn as discussed earlier till November 2014. This Dasa/Bhukti will be a trying and testing period. Be wary and cautious of investments and take care of your health. Good Diet, Exercise and Japa or Meditation will help.


I see fluctuation in your financial condition till the conclusion of the Saturn transit and the end of Saturn Bhukti or sub-period from 2011-09-01 – 2014-11-01. Saturn is placed inauspiciously in the 5th from Lagna, despite its exaltation. A malefic like Saturn will hinder and delay while it does not allow the expansiveness of material gains and income when placed in the 5th House of Investments, Luck, Divine Merit from past lives and speculative activities. It is placed in Jupiter’s constellation which is Exalted in the 2nd house. This is a positive sign and will improve the negativity and passivity of Saturn. Though not completely, there will still be a window of opportunity for gains and wealth after the 4th Saturn transit of Saturn gets over which I have discussed earlier. Saturn is the 11th and the 12th lord in the D-9 or the Navamsa placed in the 3rd. This shows subtle energies of some gains as well as losses. Be very cautious till Saturn bhukti ends in November 2014. After November 2014 will be a much better period. This will be a sub-period of Mercury under Venus Mahadasa. Merc:  2014-11-01  –  2017-09-01. Mercury is Exalted in a powerful Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga in the 4th House of home, happiness, vehicles, property, moving houses etc. Mercury is placed in the 2nd from Venus as Lagna and it also lords the 2nd (Wealth, Assets) and the 11th (Income, Gains, Hopes, Desires). Being Lagna lord and 4th lord it should prove ‘very benefical’ to you in all regards. It also shows a possibility of short and long travel

in that time frame. Mercury is also in the Nakshatra of ‘Hasta’ which is ruled by the Moon. Moon is placed in an auspicious Yoga in the House of Wealth and Assets, the second. Expect a much improved period in all the fields I have discussed above. Karma will be with you, on your side, supporting you :-)

 Vimsottari Dasa:

 Ven MD:  1998-11-01  –  2018-11-01

 Antardasas in this MD:

  Ven:  1998-11-01  –  2002-02-27

  Sun:  2002-02-27  –  2003-02-27

  Moon:  2003-02-27  –  2004-10-31

  Mars:  2004-10-31  –  2005-12-30

  Rah:  2005-12-30  –  2008-12-30

  Jup:  2008-12-30  –  2011-09-01

  Sat:  2011-09-01  –  2014-11-01

  Merc:  2014-11-01  –  2017-09-01

  Ket:  2017-09-01  –  2018-11-01


  1. Jupiter and Moon are in a Brahmin Curse and Mother’s Curse respectively. Since they are very important planets ruling very important houses and being placed in the house of Wealth, the second ! You need to break this Curse by chanting AUM VISHNAVE NAMAH X 108 times a day x 3 rounds. If you do not have a Rosary, chant it for 30 mins a day. This is absolutely essential for you. This Mantra is Prasiddha and will help you in all other ways too.
  2. Badhaka Damana or Obstacle Supressing Mantra is VINAAYAKAAYA HUM X 108 times a day, 3 rounds or chant it for 15 mins daily.
  3.  I recommend a Sani Grah Shanti Puja or Saturn appeasing fire ritual to reduce the negative impact of Saturn in both; its malefic transit and its Bhukti period.
  4. Beesa Tantric Talimsan for Wealth, Prosperity, Success and to ward off negative energy around you.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns :)

Hare Rama Krsna

Sunit P Mehta

Vedic Astrologer


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Lagna lord is placed in the 5th house in Cancer in deep exaltation at almost 5 Degrees being Deva Guru Jupiter’s best state. It shows the blessings of intelligence and children. The lagnesh in the 5th house is an extremely favorable and auspicious combination. To me as a Jyotishi, I personally believe that Guru as Lagnesh in the 5th house is the most blessed and divine combination one can have in his birth chart ! You will be drawn to higher forms of spiritual and educational thoughts and knowledge because of your past life karmic blessings. Jupiter in the 5th will make you very Romantic, Intelligent, wise, interested in sport activity and amusement. You will be blessed with luck in investments and speculation and have very good children whom you are very attached to. Jupiter will bless you with wisdom of Jyotish, Sastra, Mantra, Gyaana and Buddhi. The dispositor of Jupiter in Cancer is the Moon. The Moon being placed in the second house being the 5th lord placed in the 2nd indicates ‘PURVA PUNYA’ This is a merit of Good Karma from past lives and will bless you and enhance the significations of Jupiter and the 5th house. It feels like a privilege reading your chart ! I have Guru in the 5th too.

Jyotish is shown by planets in or connected with the Panapara houses which give a native the ability to see the future. These houses are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and the 11th, These planets should be Jupiter – The Primary significator of Jyotish, Mercury – the Secondary significator and Rahu the Shadowy North Node that enables and interests one to uncover hidden knowledge, occult and uncover mysteries and secrets. It also gives an ability to research. Mars is also a secondary significator. This should be by virtue of placement, ownership or dristi.(aspect)

Jupiter is extremely well placed in its deepest exaltation in your 5th house. Being Lagna lord gives it a lot of power and energy to give you knowledge of any form of higher wisdom and scripture including Jyotish. Its dispositor, the Moon being placed in the 2nd in a Purva Punya combination and also a Panapara house combination of 2,5 indicate that you can be a very fine Jyotishi. Jupiter is placed in Pushya Nakshatra whose lord Saturn is placed in the 8th a Panapara house. This will make you naturally inclined to and assimilate deep Esoteric and Occult wisdom. Mercury is placed in the 8th house which is not a great placement for health but it is a brilliant placement for Mercury that signifies ‘Buddhi’ or intelligence in the field of the Occult, Research, Mystical, Hidden Knowledge, Meditation Experience, Transcendent Knowledge and of course Jyotish. Panapara Connection – The lord of the 8th house is Venus in the 9th house which is aspected by Jupiter. Mercury is placed in the Nakshatra of Vishaka whose lord is Jupiter in the 5th house. Mercury also aspects the 2nd house of speech and the ability to talk through Graha Dristi making you a very intelligent speaker and communicator. This combination greatly helps if one has to practice Jyotish professionally. The dispositor of the Moon is Mars placed in its exaltation in the 11th house. There is a very significant Panapara connection here that will bless you greatly with knowledge of Jyotish. 2nd lord in the 11th. 5th lord in the 11th. 11th lord in the 8th. Jupiter and Mars are both exalted and aspect each other in the 5/11 axis of Gyana, Jyotish, Sastra and 11th – Gains, Labha, Aaya. Two planets in exaltation aspecting each other in this axis is a great blessing not only for Jyotish but for your entire goals and mission in life ! This is an extremely powerful Guru-Mangal Yoga in your chart too. Jyotish should come to you easily and as a blessing. You could even practice it professionally if you want.  This includes learning Sanskrit and Performing Yagya.

Ayurveda comes in the domain of the 5th (Knowledge) 8th (Longevity, Healing) and the 12th (Hospitals). You have a deep connection to these Bhavas as I already explained. Jupiter in the 5th will give you the knowledge and wisdom required to learn Ayurveda. Mercury and Saturn conjunct in the 8th house of longevity, occult, research, diseases will give you the ability to practice Ayurveda and heal people too. The 8th Lord is in the 9th house of Bhagya. The 12th lord is in the 8th house and indicates involvement with Medicine and affairs of older people towards the end of their lives. It will make you very adept at spiritual matters, intuitive and insightful, a great researcher, Healing Philosophies and Ayurveda. Especially because the Lagna is in Revati and Mercury is placed in the 8th house as well. You have all the blessings for studying and practising Ayurveda as well.


There are very good combinations for career in your birth chart. The skill will be in timing it. I will do it to conclude.

10th lord is in the 5th and Exalted – Guru. Having the Karmesh or lord of the house of Karma in the house of Purva Punya or past life merit and an important trikona for everything concerning your career as it is also the 8th from the 10th house (Bhavat Bhavam principle) Jobs which come naturally to you are those that involve your intellect (5th house) and Governance. Careers that deal with finance, investments, tax, government and big corporation jobs are indicated by this placement. This is also an ideal combination for teaching spiritual techniques and involving yourself in any intellectual (using your brain) or Guru related careers.
Rahu is placed in its debilitation in Sagittarius in the 10th house of Career. Malefics in Debilitation in Kendras can give Raja Yogas but by opposite means which could be twisted and manipulative. It gives one unusual occupations dealing with foreign lands. Rahu indicates chemicals, toxins, exotic energy (Nuclear, Turbines) secret works. Rahus aspect on the 4th house may also make you live in remote and distant lands signified by Rahu (foreign)
10th lord from the Moon – Shows your inclination and mind in your work. Mars is exalted in Capricorn in the 10th house from Chandra. This will make you a very dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic and innovative. Mars could make you involved in a mechanical and industrial career too.
10th lord in the D9 or Navamsa – Virgo is in the 10th house which shows attention to detail and logic in your career. Its lord is Mercury in the 5th. This shows that you use a lot of intellect and wisdom in your work. This is also an ideal combination for Jyotish. I have this combination too in the Navamsa. 10th lord Mercury in the 5th. Benefic planets in the trikonas in the Navamsa show the blessings of God in this life as Prarabdha Karma. You have many planets in the 5th and in the 9th. Mercury in the 5th and the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the 9th !! Sun is considered a benefic in the Trikonas. God has blessed you greatly !
DASAMSA – D10. 10th lord from Lagna in the D1, Jupiter is very auspiciously placed in the Lagna in a Guru-Shishya Yoga with Mercury. 10th lord from the Moon in the D1, Saturn is placed in Pisces in the 12th house. This shows that you may travel and live abroad because of your career. The 10th lord being in the 12th further confirms this. 4th lord Moon is in the 6th conjunct Lagnesh Mars. While the Moon rules people and nurturing and is conjunct Mars which is a Karaka for property, this is not positive for Agriculture based businesses. 4th lord is in a Dushtana. In the D1 Ketu is in the 4th and debilitated. Its Nakshatra lord is Rahu which is also debilitatated. Ketu rules built property and buildings etc. The 4th lord is Mercury in the 8th. The combinations for Agriculture are not too much in your favor. You have more planets in the 6th (Moon + Mars) in the 6th house of service and none in the house of business. You will be karmically inclined and should favor to work in a job related to working for other companies, rather than starting your own business. The signs are clear and evident in this regard.


The 2nd lord is in the 11th – An exalted Mars aspected by the 10th lord. This is a powerful Dhana Yoga (Wealth). Mars exalted in the 11th is very positive for earning Income and Gains as it in a powerful Guru Mangala Yoga with Jupiter in the 5/11 axis. It will give you entrepreneurial skills and links to influential people. It also indicates good cash flow. The Moon in the 2nd house indicates ‘Financial comforts’. It shows a rich family life and good financial resources. Being placed in the Nakshatra of Bharani whose Lord Venus is placed in the 9th house of Bhagya promises these blessings. Hora Lagna (lagna for wealth) falls in the 7th house with Badhakesh Sun. This shows hidden and unseen obstacles that crop up with regards to money. Jupiter is in the 11th house from Hora Lagna which indicates good Income and Mercury and Saturn are in the 2nd from it which is another indication for accruing homes and assets. Arudha Lagna falls in the 9th house with Venus in it. People perceive you as an intellectual and elegant person with all Venusian qualities of beauty, art and grace. The 9th house from AL has an exalted Jupiter. The 9th house from AL always supports the image of the person through various means which include money and help from different sources.


I don’t predict longevity because of the extreme sensitivity of people to this critical topic. However, I will give you an indication and not predict the exact years of death. Rudra (Mars) and Maheshwara (Sun) in your chart are in the Panapara and Kendras respectively. Saturn is exalted in the 8th house of longevity and well placed in his own Bhava which he is a Karaka of. This indicates an above average life span going towards a long life.


The 4th, 7th and 12th lords are in the 8th house. 4th house shows home and residence. 7th house is an indicator of travel and career (10th from the 10th) and the 12th house shows foreign connections. Rahu aspects the 4th house and indicates foreign residence too. This has to be timed by Dasa and Gochara.

Jupiter Vimsottari Dasa will begin from March 2012 and last 16 years through March 2028. Jupiter is well placed but involved in a ‘Brahmin Shaap’. A curse by a priest from a past life. Since the planet that aspects Jupiter and causing the curse is exalted, it shows that you were fully aware of the misery you caused to the person. Saturn is exalted in Libra and placed in a Dusht Sthana, the 8th house. The curse happened because of causing an act which resulted in sorrow to this person. The other planet involved is Mars which is also exalted. This shows that there was a lot of anger involved in your action towards the person it was directed at. I will come to the remedies to conclude. This Mahadasa will give the result of Jupiter in the 5th house of Gyaan, Sastra, Jyotish, Purva Punya, Intelligence, Luck etc and also the result of the Nakshatra lord’s placement of Jupiter. Saturn the ruler of Pushya is placed in the 8th house in its exaltation sign. Saturn is also the lord of the 11th and 12th houses being the lord of Jupiter’s Nakshatra. Jupiter will give the combined effect of the 5th and Saturn in the 8th house during its Mahadasa. Saturn is well placed in its Moolatrikona sign Kumbha in the 3rd in the Navamsa. The 5th house will bring its blessings and the 8th house will have Karmic lessons to learn in the form of transformations and changes in your life.

Vimsottari Dasa: Jup MD: 2012-03-03 – 2028-03-03

Antardasas in this MD:

Jup/Jup: 2012-03-03 – 2014-04-21 

This period starts the Jupiter Mahadasa in the 5th house in its exaltation sign of Cancer and very well placed in the 5th house in the D1. Jupiter is very strong in Shadbala and Ashtakvarga. The 5th house has 30 SAV points and high BAV Ashtakvarga points of 30. It will be a powerful period in your life. Jupiter is the lord of Lagna (trine) and the 10th house of Karma (Kendra) and it becomes your Yoga Karaka. It is the Lagnesh in the Navamsa very well placed in the 9th house of long journeys, higher learning, philosophy, residence abroad etc. It is conjunct and aspected by 3 Malefics. Mars, Saturn and Rahu. This Antardasa of Jupiter should be a mixed bag. There will a change in the status of your life and career. The dispositor of Guru is placed in the 2nd house as Moon while Guru is placed in the 9th house from Arudha Lagna, showing its support to your image and contains Dhana Arudha (A2) There shall be a possible new job profile, promotion and increase in Income and Wealth. Jupiter aspects the 9th house of Fortune and the 11th house of Income and Gains. From the Chandra Lagna it is placed in the 4th house whilst it rules the 9th and the 12th. This period could very definitely see a change in your residence and domestic environment involving long distance travels. Jupiter is in Pushya Nakshatra whose lord Saturn is placed in its own Bhava, the 8th. Saturn is present with Mantra Arudha (A5) and Shatru Arudha (A6) There shall be obstacles and fights during this period. However, there will be a great increase in Spirituality and Vedic Sastras like Jyotish, Ayurveda, Esoteric knowledge. The negating factor is the curse which will get activated in this Vimsottari Dasa.

Jup/Merc: 2016-11-05 – 2019-02-08

From November 5, 2016 you will run Mercury Antardasa under Jupiter. Mercury is placed in the 4 house from Mahadasanath Jupiter. The 4th house shows a new home and a change of domestic environment. It is L4 and L7 from Lagna which shows a move and the 7th lord shows a possible partnership as it is also placed in the 7th from the Moon. From Chandra Lagna it is is the tough L3 and L6 which will indicate issues in marriage/relationships. It is the L3 from Guru (parakrama, initiative, endeavour, self effort, courage) and L12 in the 4th. It clearly shows residence abroad with some tough circumstances and conditions to establish yourself in your new life (retirement). There will be a strong desire to continue working as Mercury is the L10 in the Navamsa which is very well placed in the 5th house of God’s blessings from past lives. Mercury is the lord of Hora Lagna (HL) in the 7th house which shows that you could earn money from esoteric wisdom and 8th house significations. The 8th house deals with Ayurveda and healing as well. Placed 12th from Arudha Lagna, it shows expenditure and spending money related to establishing yourself. A benefic in the Dushtana is generally indicative of tough karmic lessons and great transformations and change in your life. Mercury is the Chara Amatyakaraka. (Soul Level Significator of your Karma) Mercury is placed in the Nakshatra of Jupiter which is a positive factor as Jupiter is auspicious for you.

Jup/Ket: 2019-02-08 – 2020-01-16

This will be a spiritual period for you as Ketu is placed in the 12th from Jupiter and is debilitated in Gemini being placed in the 4th house from Lagna. Debilitated malefics are capable of causing Raja Yogas when placed in Kendras, however its dispositor Mercury is in the tough 8th house and will give its effect during this Antardasa period. Ketu is in the Nakhatra of Rahu which aspects the 4th house. There could be an acquisition of built property as Ketu is the Karaka for built property just like Mars is the Karaka for land. The 4th house significations of home, vehicles, recovery from illness, happiness, family, domestic life will get activated and will see tough and sudden changes. Ketu is the co-lord of Scorpio (BPHS) which is your L9 placed in the 4th. This period also shows travel and residence abroad.


  1.  Brahmin Shaap – Chant AUM VISHNAVEY NAMAH X 3 rounds of 108 every day starting on an Ekadasi. This is to break your Brahmin Shaap on Jupiter. This will also remove the Matru Shaap on the Moon in the 2nd house. This remedy is extremely importantfor you as your are running Jupiter Moola Dasa. Moola dasa shows that the Jupiter curse is active from Oct 2008 to Oct 2018. Jupiter is conjunct Mars and aspected by Rahu in the Shastiamsa (D60) confirming this.
  2. Chant your Badhak Daman (Obstacle Suppression) Mantra – GAJANANAYA HUM x 2 rounds of 108 every day starting on a Tuesday. This is to diminish and suppress internal and external obstacles and evils related to your Sun as Badhakesh in the 7th house of marriage and business partners.
  3. Chanting AUM GURAVE NAMAH x 108 times a day when your Guru Dasa starts and wearing a Rudraksha Mala will greatly help you increase wealth, knowledge, wisdom, happiness and Income.
  4. Yellow Sapphire of minimum 3 carats to be worn on the ring finger of your right hand on a Thursday. The gem should be Jyotish quality (Unheated, Untreated, Flawless and Clear) It should be set in Gold and touch the skin. This will really enhance the auspiciousness of Jupiter in the 5th house and its Karakatwa. Jupiter is the Lagna Lord and the Gem of the Lagna lord is always auspicious and will grant you many blessings of the most important 5th house. Do this when your Guru Mahadasa starts in March 2012.
  5. Recommend a Sani Shanti Homa as you are currently under Ashtama Sani (8th Saturn) from Lagna. This is an inauspicious transit which will last through November 2, 2014.

Reading 3


Vedic Astrology Marriage Predictions

VIMSOTTARI DASA – Dasa from the Moon shows Circumstances affecting life from a mental view point Moon – Manas.

Currently under Mars/Rahu – Mars is in the 12th house along with Malefic Sun and Neutral Mercury. Rahu is 12th from Mars. Mars and Rahu periods show agression and fights and losses – Rahu is 12th from Mars. Any malefic planet in the 12th house is bad for Marriage. She has a Manglik Dosha as I did tell her before – Mars in 12th. Her Marriage did not last as Upapada Lagna is in Virgo in 10th which shows she married for status and money. The second from Upapada Lagna shows sustenance of Marriage – which has a dire malefic Rahu which I told her, that her marriage would be an abrupt end and would not last. She paid no heed to what I said, I am still reading the chart, which I do not really feel like reading because of her attitude when I first read it. Even if she marries again it will not last, 8th from Upapada lagna shows second marriage which is Ketu in Aries in the 5th house. Second from it is Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th house or Shatru Pada which shows sustenance of Marriage and is aspected by Sun and Mars – Malefics in the 12th house which shows an abrupt end again. Her Jupiter – Karaka for husband is debilitated in Capricorn in Navamsa and is in a bad house in Rasi Chart. Navamsa or D-9 which shows partner has Aries Lord Mars – Debilitated in the 10th house in Cancer. What more can I tell you that this woman should not get married, It will just end up like the first. Sun which is a Sthira Karaka is in Maraka Karaka Avastha in the 12th house. It is also a Sthira Karaka for the soul. Her Atmakakaraka is Saturn which is good for spirituality, having a malefic Atmakaraka – denotes spirituality.

NARAYANA DASA – Shows Sustenance, actual events and is a Phalita Dasa

Is Scorpio in 12th house – has 2 malefics Sun and Mars which is not the best combination for comfortable life events. It is in the 12t house from Lagna so shows Expenditure and Losses and Mental Unease. The Arudha pada shows the fruit of the Dasa which is Virgo in 10th under Papa Argala from Rahu in 2nd from it and Sani in the 11th from it who also aspects it from the 8th. Jeeva and Deha is not comfortable either.

MOOLA DASA – Root of events – Past life Karma

Saturn/Jupiter till Sept 2011 – Saturn is in the 8th house – House of past sins, Dusth Karma and Chronic conditions. Jupiters is in Shatru Pada 6th house, shows courts, agression, health issues. Generally, not a good time because of past life root karma affecting current situation. Like I mentioned Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn in Navamsa – Jupiter shows Dharma.


She is under Sade Sati of Sani – Saturn directly transiting over Moon in Leo in the 9th house. Obviously affecting her mind. Her dad may be depressed too because of this. She may need to do the Shani Beeja Mantra – OM PRAM PREEM PROUM SAH SHANISHARAYA NAMAHA.


Narayana is the name of Vishnu, the source of humanity. It is a mantra said in times of trouble to re-establish harmony and balance. Many powers come from saying this mantra. It also aids in attaining enlightenment. Ask her to do it atleast 2 times a day, 108 in the morning and 108 in the evening. I would do it atleast 30 minutes as a meditation using a Tulsi Japa Mala. The more the better. It is the Ashtakshari – 8 syllable mantra of lord vishnu – Helps the 6th 8th, 10th and 12th house astrologically having many other spiritual and material benefits. Face North or East

Aum Gurave Namaha

Sunit P Mehta

Vedic Astrologer

This is a testimony of a client’s friend to whom I had informed that her marriage would not last beyond 2 months. (INTERESTINGLY IF YOU READ MY REPLY ABOUT HER SECOND MARRIAGE, IT DID NOT LAST EITHER. IT ENDED LAST MONTH THE DURATION OF WHICH WAS JUST ONE MONTH)

Clearly mentioned in my Answer to her over a year ago.


Date: Thursday, 7 May, 2009, 12:41 PM


How are you? I am Anamika’s friend and I also met your mother. She told me that you are a very good astrologer. Iam also learning astrology. Could u please suggest me some good books to read? I really want to know about Anamika. She is in big problem. She is at her mother’s place. Waiting for your reply.

Aum Gurave Namaha

Sunit P Mehta

Vedic Astrologer


Reading 4 – Three Questions with Detailed Answers

1) Saturn will move into the 12th House from Lagna into its sign of Exaltation Libra and will be the 8th from Moon. Let me explain this transit from Different Angles and important points of reckoning.

a) Lagna – Transit of Saturn in 12th from Lagna is not auspicious. It will be in the House of Losses, Troubles and Expenditure while it lords the 3rd (Short Travels, Communication, Parakrama or Courage and Younger Siblings) and lords the 4th which is (Home, Domestic Happiness, Conveyances, Mother) These factors will come into effect and you may experience an overall influence of loss on these fronts.

b) Moon – Transit of Saturn will be in the 8th from Moon. This is considered the most inauspicious Transit. Ashtama Sani or Kantak Sani. During this period, there is obstruction in career and the income and finances dwindle. When this adverse transit happens from the Moon, the person suffers physically and emotionally. This 2 and a half year period is very tough in my experience. Luckily Saturn will be in its sign of Exaltation and the Ashtakvarga points are 4 which is not too adverse. It will still be a rough time but the situation and circumstances will not be out of your control.

Rahu moved to Scorpio (True Node) on May 2, 2011 to your Lagna amd Ketu to Taurus in your 7th House.

a) Lagna – This transit wiill create issues and obstacles with marriage since Rahu aspects the 7th House negatively whilst Ketu will be present in it. Ketus placement takes away the significance of the house he is placed in by natal or transit placements and causes unattachment and situations that make the native seek happiness in spirituality and not material aspects of life. Rahu will also cast his adverse aspect on the 5th – Investments, Children, Childbirth, Purva Punya, Knowledge and the 9th – Higher Education, Father, Long Journeys, Dharma and childbirth for women too. The 9th is the 5th from the 5th.

b) Moon – Rahu will be in the 9th and Ketu in the 2nd. Rahu in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus will begin May 2, 2011 until mid January 2013.  Rahu will increase your worldly desires to compete and succeed in the material world and Rahu for Pisces Rasi influences the 9th of long distant traveling, father, teachers, legal matters and prosperity. Ketu seeks the inner spiritual life and tends to detach from the material world.  Ketu in Taurus will be in the 3rd Bhava of communications, younger siblings, short trips, writing and motivation that could create problems this areas.

2) Financial Condition for the Future: After July 6, 2011 you are enter a much more positive, happy and expansive period of Moon/Jupiter than the adverse Dasa/Bhukti that you were running since January 2010 to July 2011. There will be many important and positive changes regarding your career and gain in income in a big way! Jupiter rules your 2nd House of Wealth and the 5th House of Investments, Speculation and future Luck. If you want to invest money in a business, now is the time! Jupiter is placed in the 9th House (Bhagya, Fortune, Travels) from the Mahadasanath Moon and is Placed in the Lagna which creates a yoga for Dhana or Wealth and Prosperity! In the Navamsa, Jupiter is the dispositor of the Moon and is placed in the 10th House of Career in Leo which shows that these things will come to pass. Jupiter is the 10th lord from Arudha Lagna and the Moon placed in the 9th from it along with Bhagya Arudha – A9. This will be very positive for all the aspects I described above. Career, Income, Business, Childbirth, Investments. It will also cause improvement in marriage despite the Malefic Transit of Rahu. You have Vargotamma Lagna. The same Lagna in the Rasi Chakra and the Navamsa which is a very strong and auspicious yoga. The Lagna is Scorpio. In the Dasamsa, Jupiter is placed in the 10th House as well of Career. Any Career or business choice that relates to Banking and Finance or investments will be good for you. Sat:  2012-11-06  –  2014-06-04 will be a tough period for you as a year and a half of this period will co-incide with the adverse Ashtama Sani transit of Saturn in the 8th and 12th from the Moon Sign and the 12th from your Lagna. Saturn remedies will be needed. Saturn is placed in the 7th House of Marriage and Business whilst it lords 3rd and the 4th. You could experience short travels and a change of residence during this period along with issues in married life. Saturn is Debilitated in the Navamsa in the 6th House indicating struggle, troubles, enemies and issues in Marriage and Domestic Happiness and peace of mind.

3) You have asked me 3 questions, Marriage, Children and Money. However, I will still answer it for you.

a) Marriage: The core of the Matter is that your 9th House becomes a Badhaka Sthana (House of Obstacles) from your Fixed Lagna, Scorpio.  Placed in it are Sun, Ketu and Venus. Venus is under ‘Kalatra Shaap’ Curse of Marriage whilst being very negatively and agressively aspected by Mars and Rahu in the 3rd House. In the Navamsa the 7th Lord is Venus placed in the 3rd House conjunct Ketu and aspected by Mars and Rahu from the 9th House which is a very negative and inauspicious omen for Married Life in general. This compliments the Curse. Saturn in the 7th House is Debilitated in the 6th in the Navamsa causing fights and aggression, delays, restrictions and sorrow. The Tithi Lord is Venus which shows Marriage and it is cursed in the 9th House.

b) Children: Though you have the Auspicious Moon in Pisces in the 5th House of Children, the 9th House has to be analyzed for childbirth for women. As discussed your 9th House is the Badhak Sthan which is 5th from the 5th, the actual event of childbirth is afflicted. Saturn is your  Putrakaraka and is afflicted in 7th, Maraka Sthan being 12th lord from the Moon and debilitated in the Navamsa. The dispositor of Jupiter which is also your Lagnesh is Exalted Retrograde which makes it give the result of debilitation and is conjunct Mars. All this indicates problems with children or childbirth.

c) Luck and Fortune has not really worked out for you because of the 3 Planets which are afflicting the 9th House which is your Badhak Sthana – Simple Reason. In the Navamsa you have two Malefics in the 9th House. The Trines or Trikonas in the Navamsa are very important Houses and show the blessings of God, in your case the 9th House has two Malefics which is diminishing the blessing of God in the area of fortune. However, in the Rasi Chakra the 9th Lord is Placed well in the 5th, the Moon and is aspected by the 2nd and 5th Lord, Jupiter which shows that you still have blessings of Good Karma in this regard. Your Karana (Energy for work) is Jupiter which is very auspiciously placed in the Lagna casting its blessings on the 5th and the 9th house. These trines are the Houses of Goddess Laxmi and is a blessing. 10th Lord is Sun which is under Pitru Shaap (Curse of Father) This shows issues with your career at various stages of your life in the form of your Supervisors and Bosses, It also indicates issues with your father and his health in General.

Vimsottari Dasa:

Moon MD:  2008-08-06  –  2018-08-06

Antardasas in this MD:

Moon:  2008-08-06  –  2009-06-04

Mars:  2009-06-04  –  2010-01-04

Rah:  2010-01-04  –  2011-07-06

Jup:  2011-07-06  –  2012-11-06

Sat:  2012-11-06  –  2014-06-04

Merc:  2014-06-04  –  2015-11-06

Ket:  2015-11-06  –  2016-06-04

Ven:  2016-06-04  –  2018-02-03

Sun:  2018-02-03  –  2018-08-06

You did not specifically ask me about the result of the impact of the Conjunction of Rahu and Saturn. Rahu and Saturn are two very Karmic planets. When Rahu will move backwards and join Saturn in 2013 it will create a karmic impression and event in your life related to 9th House (Dharma, Father, Travels) and 12th house (Moksha, Foreign, Endings, Sprituality) I cannot predict the exact event as nobody can really predict the Karma of the Nodes. Rahu in the 8th in Virgo for example will give very different results for natives despite having Kumbha Lagna. The Nodes deal with very subtle Karma from your past lives. Rahu and Saturn are actually great friends, just that they are very Karmic and create conditions that cause past karma to fructify, usually negatively since they are Malefic Planets. Nothing to worry about. I will have them conjoin in my 9th House from the Lagna and 10th from the Moon too :)

I am including two more Dasa Interpretations for you

Ashtottari Dasa (Since you were born during daytime in Krishna Paksha)

Ashtottari Dasa (Nakshatra dasa based of 28 Nakshatras):

You are currently running a very good period of Moon and Jupiter till October 2012. I already described that Jupiter in the Lagna is a great Blessing for any native. In your case it rules the 2nd (Wealth) and 5th (Purva Punya, Investments, Intelligence) It is also placed in the 9th from the Moon, hence is a period of Progress, Expansion and Money.
Rah:  2012-10-17  –  2014-06-15 You will start Moon-Rahu. When Moon and Rahu conjoin in Dasa/Bhukti it causes stress, anxiety, mental worries and is generally unfavorable. Rahu is placed in the 3rd from Lagna which is good but 11th from Moon. It  may cause stress related to money matters, elder siblings, and fulfillment of hopes and interactions with friends.
Moon MD:  2005-04-14  –  2020-04-13
Antardasas in this MD:
Mars:  2005-04-14  –  2006-05-25
Merc:  2006-05-25  –  2008-10-07
Sat:  2008-10-07  –  2010-02-23
Jup:  2010-02-23  –  2012-10-17
Rah:  2012-10-17  –  2014-06-15
Ven:  2014-06-15  –  2017-05-14
Sun:  2017-05-14  –  2018-03-15
Moon:  2018-03-15  –  2020-04-13
Narayana Dasa (Sustenance of the Native and Outside Environment)

You are under Sagittarius Narayana Dasa from Aug 2005 – Aug 2016. Sagittarius is your second House and it shows your external environment is pretty good and comfortable. Arudha of the 4th House is placed there. Shows you acquiring a Vehicle and a Home in this period and changes in the domestic environment. Lord is Placed in the Lagna which is the Auspicious Jupiter; the focus will be on your self. The Lagna rules the Self, the Body, Dhi or Intelligence. It will also be a period of Expenditure and Losses as the Fruit of this Dasa is in the 12th House placed with Gulika. Gulika placement in the 12th house with Mrityu Arudha A8 is not good for the 12th House. Will cause issues with Sexual Pleasures, Sleep and activities like Meditation. Where Gulika is placed it shows where the Native has to swallow the poison of his past karma. Gulika is one of the son’s of Saturn along with Mandi. 2016 – 2020 will be much better provided you do the remedies I gave you to break your Curses in the 9th House.


  • Chant VINAYAKAAYA HUM – This is the Badhaka Damana Mantra to diminish evils related to your Badhak Sthana and Fortune.
  • Do the Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya to break your Pitru Shaap and Kalatra Shaap. Chant the Ekakshari Mantra of Bhuvaneshwari Devi – HREEM. You will have to be very strict in this Sadhana. Clean Asana, Fresh after shower and pure. An imperative requirement is to stay vegetarian during this entire time of Sadhana.
  • Fast on Saturday’s to improve your marriage, if it is still surviving.

From November 15, 2011 onwards you will have to worship Lord Sani and Lord Hanuman. Chant this Mantra to mitigate this malefic transit and improve the Strength of your Lagnesh, Mars which is critical for health and success. The Lord Hanuman Mantra can be started this tuesday. The Bija Mantra can be started when you start the Ashtama Sani Period from Nov 15, 2011.

Ekadashakshari Hanuman Mantra

om ham rudraya hanumate namah

Beeja Mantra of Saturn

Sham Shanaisharaya Namah

Hare Rama Krsna

Sunit P Mehta

Vedic Astrologer